Hold It, The Air Sickness Bag costs $25

air sickness bag for $25

air sickness bag for $25

When I look at the model I feel that I need the real airsickness bag for myself.

Speaking about modeling technique: looks like some people from the previous Century did not know about ‘power of 2’ texturing technique and used ‘Boolean Subtract A-B’ operations to produce such stuff.

Available at Modelbank for $25

Spend $100 on ‘Eva’ or ‘Do-It-By-Yourself’ kit for $54.95

a $100 'Eva'

a $100 Eva

If I be working on CG project on some theme from Holy Bible, I might probably need a character of ‘Eva’.
I think the Modelbank’s ‘Eva’ for $100 will not be the option: too pricey, leaf is missing (at least I cannot see’em on the wireframe view), bottom part looks mossy.

I would probably go with ‘Do-It-By-Yourself’ approach ($54.95 in total):

Cheaper solution

Cheaper solution

At the end I will have ‘Eva’ for $54.95, a pair of shoes (a $100 value from Model bank) and a set of underwear (another hundred bucks item).

Content link (a $100 ‘Eva’):
Available at Modelbank

Content link (a $49.95 ‘Anna’ which could work as ‘Eva’):
Available at 3DExport

Content link (a $5.00 ‘Leaf’):
Available at Exchange3D

Bed Spring for $50

This one must be the real gemstone in somebody’s portfolio: very accurate, high-poly 3D model of ‘Bed Spring’ for $50.
Could be used in your projects as a regular spring, not just a bed spring.

Content link: http://www.modelbank.com/UI/Product/ShowProductFullInfo.aspx?ProductID=7463
Available at Modelbank

..Auntie Adelaide in 3D: Priceless

Crazy price for this 3D model

Crazy price for this 3D model

“Six-pack of Bud: $7, new snickers: $40, to see Auntie Adelaide naked: Priceless”.
In this case the “priceless” would be $1095.00 in cold cash.

Simple math tells me that I could buy roughly 84.5 3D models of women ($12.95 a piece) like this:

Budget version

Budget version

Dude, I wish they have more such models other than just 3 (or 4) as they do have now.

  • Content link (‘Auntie Adelaide’ for $1095.00), Available at Modelbank
  • Content link (Almost the ‘real deal’ for $12.95), Available at Exchange3D.com

Waiting since 1998 to be Yours

This model was first introduced to public in 1998. Since that she is collecting dust on Viewpoint’s (later: Modelbank’s) shelves waiting to be purchased for $195.

Model specs: 8K polygons, joined. Available in various 3D formats: *.max (I assume we are talking about 3DS-MAX ver.1 *.max format), IRIS Inventor *.iv, VRML *.vrml, etc.
Head is missing since 1998 though.

Content link: http://www.modelbank.com/UI/Product/ShowProductFullInfo.aspx?ProductID=30049
Available at Modelbank

Anorexia Nervosa returns

My buddy (Internal Medicine, MD) said that this patient may suffer from Anorexia Nervosa but he needs to check blood and urine samples to be more precise with the diagnosis.

However the mesh looks not that bad and leaves some hope for modifications in order to match either anatomical accuracy or ‘cartoonish’ look. You may purchase the model for $12 if challenge doesn’t stop you.

Content link: http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/287188
Available at Turbosquid

Dating Service @ Turbosquid

The description says: “talk to me on MSN: xxx@xxx.net”.
Perhaps the preference will be given to those who purchase the product for $10.

Content link: http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/284288
Available at Turbosquid

Got Sh*t?

Looks like this top-of-the-line product from Turbosquid easily beats competitor items with it’s Hepatitis C look-n-feel and solid consistency.

Other than that I have no idea what makes it so special among similar items. Imho the second item below looks cooler, costs less (just $30), comes with plate (!) and part of interior:

Content link: http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/160157
Available at Turbosquid for $54.50

Tip: Wanna have some fun with Turbosquid keywords? Check it out here.

Update: (‘Same sh*t, different store’):

That would be $30 Paper Clip

That’s what happen when somebody ends plumbing contracting job and goes into computer graphics.

Content link: http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/141685
Available for $30 at Turbosquid

Liver on Tripod for $495

There are two similar models of Liver available at Modelbank. One of them comes with tripod which makes the price $300 higher.

There is another ‘Liver’ model available for $250, but at least it comes with whole bunch of surrounding meaty stuff which makes it’s price more reasonable:

If $250 price still looks too high, here is the deal: exactly the same model is available at Exchange3D.com for $120.

Content link (Liver w/out Tripod, Published at Modelbank, $195): http://www.modelbank.com/UI/Product/ShowProductFullInfo.aspx?ProductID=23297

Content link (Liver with Tripod, Published at Modelbank, $495):

Content link (Liver, full house, Published at Modelbank, $250):

Content link (same Liver as above for $250; Published at Exchange3D.com, $120):