How else do you use your Lego?

Keywords defined for this pricey model (1 gray box with 14 cylinders on top of it for $10) are simply rulezz:

“plant weed pot marijuana crack aaron llama penis vagina monitor keyboard mouse car book letter block stuff more jewish jew”

Content link:
Content Provider: Turbosquid

Just in case I checked out for published content of the author (spyder4879) . And here it comes:

The specified keywords are definitely suitable for 2 generic 3DStudio MAX teapots and some glass jar:

“teapot beaker computer animation checkered floor strange weapon dog cat mouse blasphemous itchy awa pow pow”

Content link:
Content Provider: Turbosquid

Shrek with hair transplant

Maybe I’ve been watching the wrong ‘Shrek’? Or ‘Dreamworks’ is experimenting with Shrek-4 ideas?
Here is the link:
The model is currently available at Turbosquid for just $15

My favorite 3D model so far

This one was found at Turbosquid. The model has been claimed as ‘Yoda’.
If you have 4 spare bucks, and you are a serious buyer, here is the link:

CG Content Watch: Just Started

Been related to 3D and CG content development for more than about 10 years, I decided to start this blog. Why do I need to start another CG-related blog if I could go to, say, CGTalk and speak out? Or if some 3D model available to purchase at TurboSquid could be easily rated and commented right on site? We’ll see.. Maybe some CG content related ideas could be ‘spoken out’ only in a bloggish manner. We’ll see. And I am not going to introduce my blog as ‘The only CG Content-related resource ever’ 🙂 Anybody are welcome!