Got Sh*t?

Looks like this top-of-the-line product from Turbosquid easily beats competitor items with it’s Hepatitis C look-n-feel and solid consistency.

Other than that I have no idea what makes it so special among similar items. Imho the second item below looks cooler, costs less (just $30), comes with plate (!) and part of interior:

Content link:
Available at Turbosquid for $54.50

Tip: Wanna have some fun with Turbosquid keywords? Check it out here.

Update: (‘Same sh*t, different store’):

That would be $30 Paper Clip

That’s what happen when somebody ends plumbing contracting job and goes into computer graphics.

Content link:
Available for $30 at Turbosquid

Liver on Tripod for $495

There are two similar models of Liver available at Modelbank. One of them comes with tripod which makes the price $300 higher.

There is another ‘Liver’ model available for $250, but at least it comes with whole bunch of surrounding meaty stuff which makes it’s price more reasonable:

If $250 price still looks too high, here is the deal: exactly the same model is available at for $120.

Content link (Liver w/out Tripod, Published at Modelbank, $195):

Content link (Liver with Tripod, Published at Modelbank, $495):

Content link (Liver, full house, Published at Modelbank, $250):

Content link (same Liver as above for $250; Published at, $120):

Female & Male Signs Duo for $20

Yet another crap made of extruded splines for $20.

Tip: The author may enhance his portfolio with similar creative ideas-for-sale:

Content link:
Available at The3DStudio

Ford Taurus 96: for $70..$1395

If I be shopping for some reason for 3D model of Ford Taurus 96 having 14 hundred bucks budget, I probably go with The3DStudio offer ($70) and have the real set of wheels for $500 in more-less ok condition from

A $70 Content link:
Available at The3DStudio

A $1395 Content link:
Available at Modelbank


VRML Nostalgia

Modelbank becomes another source of my inspiration.
So here it is: an extremely low poly model of BMD (55 polygons) for $95. This pricey beauty appears from old good times when VRML was booming and there were only two available 3D content resources online: 3DCafe and Viewpoint 3D Model Collection.
Decade passed, XBox and PS game development standards made polygon budget per character more richer.. . But this classy piece of junk is still around.

Content link:
Available at

Uzbekistan for $295

The price tag for this piece of 3D mesh is $295 (Two-Hundred-Ninety-Five-and-00/100-US-dollars). The above mess represents 3D model of Country of Uzbekistan.
Dude, that’s huge! They must be hiding some bonus stuff in a thin middle layer (which is visible at cross section) for this price.

Content link:
Available at: