Female & Male Signs Duo for $20

Yet another crap made of extruded splines for $20.

Tip: The author may enhance his portfolio with similar creative ideas-for-sale:

Content link: http://www.the3dstudio.com/product_details.aspx?id_product=29955
Available at The3DStudio

Ford Taurus 96: for $70..$1395

If I be shopping for some reason for 3D model of Ford Taurus 96 having 14 hundred bucks budget, I probably go with The3DStudio offer ($70) and have the real set of wheels for $500 in more-less ok condition from Craigslist.com.

A $70 Content link: http://www.the3dstudio.com/product_details.aspx?id_product=34541
Available at The3DStudio

A $1395 Content link: http://www.modelbank.com/UI/Product/ShowProductFullInfo.aspx?ProductID=109
Available at Modelbank

Craigslist: http://www.craigslist.org

VRML Nostalgia

Modelbank becomes another source of my inspiration.
So here it is: an extremely low poly model of BMD (55 polygons) for $95. This pricey beauty appears from old good times when VRML was booming and there were only two available 3D content resources online: 3DCafe and Viewpoint 3D Model Collection.
Decade passed, XBox and PS game development standards made polygon budget per character more richer.. . But this classy piece of junk is still around.

Content link: http://www.modelbank.com/UI/Product/ShowProductFullInfo.aspx?ProductID=127
Available at Modelbank.com

Uzbekistan for $295

The price tag for this piece of 3D mesh is $295 (Two-Hundred-Ninety-Five-and-00/100-US-dollars). The above mess represents 3D model of Country of Uzbekistan.
Dude, that’s huge! They must be hiding some bonus stuff in a thin middle layer (which is visible at cross section) for this price.

Content link: http://www.modelbank.com/UI/Product/ShowProductFullInfo.aspx?ProductID=86
Available at: Modelbank.com

$40 For ‘The Complete Idiot’s Guide’ Book Reimbursment?

A $40 for this model seems reasonable if the author is seeking a way how to reimburse his expenses for the book “The Complete Idiot’s Guide: Model a Human Body in 10 minutes”.

Model name: Woman
Content link: http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/330746
Available at Turbosquid.com

Did You Inflate it Right?

The model of this inflatable ‘chick’ (model name is ‘chickbody_v002.lwo’) with visible structural defects in legs area, missing fingers and w/out head is for sale for $20.

Content link: http://www.the3dstudio.com/product_details.aspx?id_product=6640
Available at The3DStudio.com

Yet Another Woman

This $5 model should come with the same amount of weed used by it’s author while modeling. Otherwise it is hard to get the point.

Model details: “3DStudio 6; 18Kb; Geometry: unknown; Keywords: sculpture, female, woman”
Content link: http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/362505
Available at Turbosquid.com

Invisible Man, Woman or You-Name-It

Yeh, yeh, I got it. It’s a kinda humor. But Hello, is Turbosquid still a content store? Or it is now a gallery of pictures which office people usually send thru emails to each other on Fridays? If so, do not miss this item:

Content link: http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/173839
Available in Cinema4D format at Turbosquid.com

3D Chick For Free

Anyone? It’s free.

File size: 600Kb, in Milk Shape format.
Content link: http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/192756
Available at Turbosquid.com

A Cylinder For $16

Smoking becomes pretty costly nowadays, huh? If $16 price tag doesn’t stop you, you may satisfy your habit by purchasing this textured cylinder (with 18 segments and 4 height segments). You may even replace the texture with your favorite brand.

Content link: http://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/271816
Available at Turbosquid.com