‘Monsters, LLC’

Need 3D model of a small cute Monster? If so, there are 2 options:

  • Spend $195 for the model at Modelbank
  • Step on your neighbor’s dog balls; take a picture and model the ‘Monster’ by yourself using the obtained reference material. The result should be the same as if you go with option A. Besides that you will have some fun and save yourself $195.

Content link: http://www.modelbank.com/UI/Product/ShowProductFullInfo.aspx?ProductID=30300
Available at Modelbank.

Below is another monster which makes me almost sh*t my pants with its price: $95. The absense of model’s head adds more fear to the overall scary look. Check it out at Modelbank.

Content link: http://www.modelbank.com/UI/Product/ShowProductFullInfo.aspx?ProductID=30535