Turbosquid colors + 3DExport layout = 3DExpose?

Got some fresh ideas? Thinking to start your own online 3D content store? It couldn’t be easier! Just take 1:1 the existing web layout, say 3DExport.com, apply Turbosquid.com color schema and you are done, ta-dah! Say ‘Hello’ to the new ‘High Quality 3D Models store’ – 3DExpose.com!

To distinguish one twin website from another I named 3DExport.com as ‘A‘ and 3DExpose.com as ‘B‘. Lets take a look.



The content sequence also looks similar.



The ‘B‘ folks are also offering kicking-ass 80% royalty payoffs which is understandable: to copy&paste the existing layout is just a first baby step to start online business in CG area. Now they need to convince us fella designers to start publishing our stuff at their store. Hmm.. ‘I have bad feeling about this’.

2 Responses

  1. 3D Expose doesn’t sell at all, not even one model after more than half a year. The same models have sold elsewhere on other 3D sites…I wrote to them using their online form for suggestion… no reply at all…I wonder…

  2. You are at the right place to speak out.
    Sorry to hear that 3DExpose is like city morgue these days.
    Speaking frankly, it is not that easy just to jump in shining like a new penny and start selling 3D content. A serious factor of trust takes place: authors have to be 100% sure that the store will not get away with money and models, and their models will not re-appear on gray market as a 5-bucks-per-CD-made-in-asia, etc, etc.
    Also there are tons of 3D Content stores opening their doors every couple of month. So the competition is pretty huge.
    All above is my HO.

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