Gigantomania of The3DStudio

Hi folks,

Good blog comment came to my attention:

“Maybe you could do a report on asset counts.’s home page brags that they have more than 100K assets but if you add up the numbers displayed after each category, it’s actually 1/4 of that. I tried to get a straight answer from their support about it, and after 5 back-and-forth emails I gave up. First they told me they were counting “resources” rather than models, but would not give me examples of what that is despite my asking twice. Then they told me the asset count doesn’t really matter anyway and I should just enjoy the site”.

So The3DStudio tries to impress visitors with huge numbers: “Resource count: 118,975 files“. They claim all of these “resources” are “2D and 3D resources available for download”:

Ok, lets check it out.
I just simply added 118975 into ‘studio product url:

The result is: “Oops!”, no page found.

Ok. Lets check out their actual resource count. Looks like it goes up to 44933 so far:

Note: This is including images (stock photography), blueprints, artwork, tutorials, etc.

However this “44933” number is also tricky. Check this out and find duplicates here:

..and here:

..and here:

..and here:

These identical items are a separate products in The3DStudio catalog.

So here is my conclusion: In order to reach “Resource count: 118,975” The3DStudio must be counting also all single files from their website (website icons, script files, css files, thumbnails and all readme.txt) to impress visitors with huge, scary numbers.

Tip: The3DStudio guys, if you really love big numbers, and do want to give us a sh*t, why not to calculate total polygon count from all the models you have?
The “Our models consist of 100 trillion polygons in total! We have the biggest 3D collection in universe!” will look way more cool.

Update: when I wrote this review, the “Resource count” jumped up to five ‘resources’ more to 118,980 🙂

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  1. Count the resources and see what number you get. It’s accurate, but thanks for the publicity anyhow.

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