Another Baseball bat

Speaking frankly, I think people shouldn’t be selling the following obvious models at all: ping-pong balls, 3DStudio MAX teapots and baseball bats. But people are publishing them over and over again and as a result these models take solid part of all 3D sellers catalogs.

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I am monitoring 3D Content stores for some time and could clearly see the pattern how all top sellers may present the same content (Baseball Bat): “Baseball Bat”, was: $20.00, now: $2.95
Turbosquid: “My First Baseball Bat”: $250.00
The3DStudio: “Baseball bats collection: aluminium, iron, oak, marble, titanium, bronze, cooper, concrete”: $75.00
Modelbank: “Baseball bat, low-poly”: $1200.00
3DExport: “Baseball bat at sunset with flowers, HDRI”: $20.00