Mommy, when I grow up, I want to be a…

Some parents buy toy robot kits for their children, hoping the young ones will grow up to be NASA engineers. Some parents spare no expense when buying sports equipment for their kids, and some have virtually unlimited budget for science books.

Toy robots, basketball hoops, baseball mitts, books – these items bring fun to the kids and hope to their parents. But of course, there’s no guarantee your child becomes the next Shaq, so investing in basketball hoops today may not translate into free NBA tickets in 15-20 years. Therefore, some parents prefer not to get their hopes high, and aim for something more down-to-earth instead.

Much more down-to-earth:


Sick fantasy: Two headed man

Man with 2 faces

"Man with 2 faces"

This sick creature is available for download ($35) at Turbosquid: