Is it even loaded?


This is a Glock pistol. With no visible hammer and no obvious safety switches on the side, it isn’t a good pistol to show in the movies, because there’s no way for the protagonist to scare the bad dudes by clicking and clacking with various pistol’s parts. Smart James Bond likes to use a Beretta because he knows that while he operates all the switches, even the baddest villain is going to confess.

Convenient to use, but ain’t very scary, the Glock. They probably should add a couple of random levers, just for good measure.

2 Responses

  1. Personally – not to upset anyone, but I don’t carry a weapon to scare people off. If you have to think about “Would you shoot someone?” then you shouldn’t be carrying a weapon anyway.
    The design is perfect – does exactly what it’s suppose to do – fire when the trigger is pulled under any situation.

    Plus, I’ve always thought the Walther PPK was Bond’s trademark. 🙂

  2. >I’ve always thought the Walther PPK was Bond’s trademark

    He himself carried a Beretta – but it once jammed or something and M forced him to replace it with a Walter.

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