Healthy skeleton with juicy legs

In this post I will be annoying and boring more than usual. I never understand mexican restoraunt wall art anyway.
So. I think human skeleton should not have such healthy juicy legs like this guy:

Healthy Skeleton

1. Healthy Skeleton

Unless somebody cut off the exposed flesh with surgical accuracy from that poor guy who was posing with guitar.

Here is anatomical reference how human skeleton should look like been dressed:

Non-healthy one

2. Non-healthy one

1. Some small mexican place in San Jose downtown, next to Greyhound bus stop;
2. Spokane State Univ forum (photo of fake human remains dressed in t-shirt)

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Ancient Roman soldier in 3D (or a Nurse from old german adult movies?)

roman soldier

Roman soldier

This 3D model of ‘Roman Soldier’ was published at and priced at $195 (Wow!).

Aaah, that’s why Ancient Romans lost in that war! The outfit of a classy nurse from old german adult movies: this mini-skirt, summer women’s shoes and punk hair did scare nobody. Check it out.

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Paging Mr. Gore – outrageous resource waste in progress.

Humongous receipt

Humongous receipt

Here’s what happens if you obey your thirst and get a Sprite at an electronics store – you get a receipt that is larger than the bottle! And certainly, they’ll give you a large bag, too 😉

It would take just one extra field in the database to give out a smaller receipt, without all the return policy mumbo-jumbo, and to tell the cashier to not give a bag, and it would probably save a significant amount of money, nation-wide. But alas, nobody did that.

1% Beef in 2 hamburgers

McD billboard

McDonald's billboard

Maybe it is too late to post this.. Had seen these billboards a couple of weeks back however they disappeared in our area almost overnight. So here it is: 1% Beef in 2 hamburgers.

Design idea: McDonald’s

Image owner: crismar