That what happens when you are standing too close to the Fan when Shit really hits it

Got this energy bar as a “welcome” present in one small hotel at Lake Tahoe, California.
The bar’s wrapping bag caught my attention:

Shit really hit the fan

Shit really hit the fan

Design idea:
when you try our product you will feel lots of energy and be able to go uphill easily with bike in your hand.

How it appears:
1. That what happens if you stand too close to the fan when shit really hits it;
2. The guy were climbing with the bike at his neck; then stopped half way for a little shit but it was too windy;
3. The energy bar contains significant dose of cocaine for better workout results.

However I doubt about option number 3: I tried this bar by myself hoping for the best. For personal safety I tried it in hotel room. Well, what should I say.. It works: my morning shit was a little darker than the usual. That’s probably it.

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3 Responses

  1. Oh, Thanks! Really amazing. Big ups!

  2. Seriously? Reddit, seriously?

  3. Yes, Sean, yes!

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