Internet ain’t easy.

IE 6 default start page

ie6 default start page

This is the default home page for Internet Explorer 6, otherwise known as “Internet” (that’s what the shortcut says, anyway). So the first thing I’m supposed to do is to login somewhere – but where do I search for naked ladies, WTF?

What about version 7, did they fix it? Well, not quite:

IE 7 default start page

IE 7 start page

Note that the page name is “runonce3.aspx” – but it keeps coming up every.single.f*cking.time, not just once, or 3 times – always. And saying “Welcome back” on a runonce page is oxy-damned-moronic. Well at least this one comes with a little searchbox in the corner, I can lookup boobies right away.

That’s why more and more people use firefox:

firefox start page

firefox start page

But if you’re in customer support, IE will probably give you less problems because people would just look at the start page and say, “Boy, this Internet schtick ain’t easy. Better call my grandson some time to figure it all out”, turn the computer off and go back to barbecuing. Computer off=happy support!

3 Responses

  1. I thought Internet Explorer is a Windows application which user uses to go to and download the real web browser

  2. “The more you know” 😀

  3. […] so influential! Posted on September 4, 2008 by 7macaw Less than a month ago we’ve complained about how unfriendly the Internet Explorer start page was. And behold: Much better, but still no […]

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