One sexy radio amateur

Sexy radio amateur

Sexy radio amateur

Yet another victim of thinking that semi-dressed sexy girl will help pumping the sales.

“When sunning in Florida take a break from the rays and check out the hot Icom radios in our cool store!”.

Ok, I could imagine this girl is dreaming about new pink Lexus, a gallon of Dior perfume, top of the line bluethooth with white gold finish. I could even imagine that the girl slowly thinks how this Miami beach sucks comparing to Bora-Bora beaches full of sexy muscle machos around.
And I do not believe that she would be thinking about amateur radio equipment: antennas, telegraph keys, capacitors and portable dual-band UHF transceivers (“Damn! The new Icom IC-92AD is rugged, submersible and has 5 watts output! This is 3.5 watts better than my old one!”).

Conclusion: The “coolest amateur radio store” is running by folks in their 65+ who already forgot what the girls like this one may think about during their summer vacations.

Update: Girls go wild trying to obtain amateur radio equipment for the great price:

Girls go wild for CQ DX

Girls go wild for CQ DX

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2 Responses

  1. Oh, come on. The best computer and radio experts are hot blondes! I know, I saw lots of them in the movies!

  2. Una web muy interesante en especial por su belleza y como no “SEXY” alcientes muy positivos para la Radioaficón,. Saludos desde REUS, España.
    73’s y DXs, Ramón EA3NU.

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