You are orange, my friend. And possibly color blind

Orange Yellow

Orange Yellow

Good idea for graphics design company advertisement. Something like “Do not trust your home brew designer, hire professionals”.

Let me analyze this design fail in details. The company ‘Yellow Transportation’ has been around since 1924. Here is some history background taken from their website:
“YRC Worldwide traces its origins to 1924 when A.J. Harrell, an Oklahoma City entrepreneur, founded a bus and taxi company and named it Yellow Cab Transit Co. In 1926, he shortened the name to Yellow Transit Co.

In 1929, AJ was concerned about road safety, so he commissioned the E.I. DuPont Co. to determine the color that would be most visible on the tractors from the greatest distance on the nation’s highways. DuPont’s research found the color Swamp Holly Orange. We still use this color on Yellow trucks today.”

Fail N1: the company is already ‘Yellow’ and it asks third party to choose color for their trucks.

Fail N2: DuPont was not honest enough to say: “Hey guys, you are Yellow. Here is your color: #FFFF00. This color as good as our high-tech ‘Swamp Holly Orange’ if it comes to visibility. Stick with it or change your company name”.
Possible Fail N2.5: DuPont designer was color blind or they were running out of pure yellow paint.

Fail N3: It took the company a few decades to understand logo design failure and start moving toward yellow “Yellow”:

Yes you can

Yes you can: tough transition over the years

Need more visibility? Ok, check with truck drivers from Oklahoma how to spruce your trucks up with lots of Christmas lights.

Still not enough? Ok. What color is your truck? Black? Dark blue? Ok, whatever. Write in white big “F**k You All!” and I guarantee you 100% visibility for miles. Even more: other drivers will cheer you up with beeps all the way.

Disclaimer: Logo “Yellow” belongs to Yellow Transportation, Inc

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