Electronics can spoil anything.

Continuing the faucet theme, let’s take a look at this:

Gimme water already!

Gimme water already!

These things become more and more popular but they still don’t work all to well. I’m not even going to rant about how they sometimes just refuse to turn the water on, no matter how complicated a gestures you make with your hands.

No, there is a more embarrassing problem. Notice how much splatter is around the sink. This is because the faucet only works if your hands are very close to it and therefore are outside of the sink. And keeping your hands too high, rather then lowering down closer to the bottom of the sink is a sure recipe to get those embarrassing splashes on your pants just around… erm… just behind the waist level. Alas, the poorly designed automatics shuts the water off once you move your hands down into the splash-safe zone.

Next time you see a guy coming out of a public restroom with his pants splattered, don’t laugh. Thanks to the stupid faucet this can happen to you, too!