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Adobe HQ: ‘cheap-casino’ style

Here are Adobe’s light screws which I mentioned about before. They are rotating:

Adobe screws

Adobe screws

I guess such light effects suppose to symbolize that Adobe works hard to make us fella designers from all over the world happy.

Ta-da! Now the building looks like ‘cheap-casino’ with 25-cents slot machines only. Or some kind of “Do you see these screws? We will screw’em all four into your ass if you are using hacked version of Adobe CS3.”

Also the idea to show off dusty empty boxes is so boring! They are losing colors and look like 100% useless fake:

Adobe fake boxes

Adobe fake boxes

Anyway, it looks like Adobe was impressed with ‘under-roof’ accessories of ‘Knight Ridder’ (another building in San Jose downtown standing less than mile away from Adobe HQ) and decided to copy&paste them :

Knight Ridder

Knight Ridder

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6 Responses

  1. Hi,

    the semaphore code on top of Adobe headquarters is actually a public art project. The semaphores are displaying coded message. As far as I remember the code was revealed about a year ago. – I guess that you should be able to google the content.


  2. Those things are also a traffic safety hazard because people stare at them while driving on 87.

  3. Yeh, right. Maybe at Google campus this ‘smart idea’ will work, but it looks odd in San Jose downtown full of mexicans and city clerks who have no clue what Adobe does.

    You may also hang big banner right below your ‘semaphore’: ‘This is Adobe semaphore. It transmits special message. You may google for details. Dear highway 87 commuters and San Jose airport pilots: Oops! Sorry for inconvenience if any :)’

  4. Oh, forgot to mention. Adobe guys, lose those ugly fake software boxes. Just spend a few thousand bucks and replace’em with big LCD TV with Photoshop gallery slideshow running.

  5. […] found” and gives me a list of posts with similar subject. When I submitted my post about Adobe HQ building, it showed me a long list of all Adobe-related posts found. Digg.com calls them […]

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