IKEA’s ‘Lack’: Lack of quality and just simply sucks

Got this piece of ‘furniture’ at IKEA local store for $12.99. I bought it for a single photo session not related to the blog subject.

Ikea 'Lack' coffee table

Ikea 'Lack' coffee table

Well, the name says for itself: ‘Lack’. Lack of quality, indeed. Check this out how this piece of furniture looks just after an hour of a very gentle use:

after an hour of gentle use..

after an hour of gentle use..

Pressed paper inner core covered with thin layer of pressed wood chip waste.

Good suggestion for IKEA: learn origami and make ‘furniture’ out of plain paper. But please, put a note somewhere saying “For use at IKEA demo booth only. Not intended for home use”.

The name speaks for itself

The name speaks for itself

However, what should I expect from the thirteen bucks furniture, and also if their boss is still riding public transportation to/from work and travels economy class, – all this just to save money?

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4 Responses

  1. honestly i work for IKEA and what do you expect for $13, you could have paid triple and gone somewhere else, so you get what you pay for

  2. I totally agree I bought the coffee table version till we found one that we really wanted, it was only £12. I didn’t have a problem so much with the quality, aside from the colouring on top chips….how we don’t really use it that much, it’s just a coffee table not a work bench. How is it that the legs connect be twisting them onto a little screw thing. Only one ended up facing the correct way, as it had a second level and legs had to face a certain way. So the table is not very sturdy as we did need the second shelf. Probably the most disapointing thing I’ve ever bought from Ikea.

    By the way, with employees like the previous commenter i’m really glad you can buy furniture online from them now. i didn’t know there was a certain dollar amount you had to spend to NOT end up with a piece of useless shit at ikea. I could have sworn their motto is something like good quality designed furniture on a budget. You’re absolutly useless previous person.

  3. I once was told the secret to Ike-A was there are 3 grades of merchandise:

    C) Put it together and it can handle indoor fans on medium, maybe high. Useful for …. well I don’t remember what.

    B) Can be moved once – in the home, not movable to a new house – moving truck is too much stress on it.

    A) Can be moved once, but on 2nd move will disintegrate and will require more to repair then buying grade C and will never look the same – particularly useful in identifying style and functionality you are looking for on a ‘rental’ basis.

    Bonus – For some items
    Top) Really good stuff at a good price (90% of others) that can be moved and used for years.

  4. IKEA is absolute and utter garbage. I will never set foot in that store again.

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