Digg.com: your 2-letter words search sucks

Actually I have issues with Digg.com search in general. For example I always write my posts by myself. Whether they are good or bad, doesn’t matter, but they are always “original”. But when I submit something to Digg.com it is first “Digging through your submission” and then comes up with annoying message like “There are duplicates found” and gives me a list of posts with similar subject. When I submitted my post about Adobe HQ building, it showed me a long list of all Adobe-related posts found. Digg.com calls them “duplicates”. What a heck? Did you mean “related posts”? Do you see the difference between “duplicates” and “related” subjects? Then I have to click that stupid button “Totally original. I swear!”. Kinda “software implementation fail” workaround with some sort of humor.
Did You guys fail to design good search engine for yourselves? Or your “software back-end guy” quit in a middle of the project and left tons of unreadable code behind so no one could support it?

But back to the subject (“your 2-letter words search sucks”). Today I was searching Digg.com for the keyword “3D”. Please check out the results: “Your search string has disallowed characters in it, or is too short“:

2-letter words search sucks

2-letter words search sucks

Huh? How about group “U2”? Same result! WTF?
May be it is time for Digg.com to teach this “made in Asia” piece of software to start searching for common “2-letter-words”? Please do not tell me that I have to be more specific with search criteria, for example I have to type in “3D Display” or “3D Models”, or just go to Google. Well. Please, do not think for me, I would like to do the search and then decide what I want to read or not.

So I am waiting for the button @ Digg.com “That’s what I am f**king searching for! I swear!

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2 Responses

  1. Did it to me too. I agree, it’s totally tarded.

  2. ” “made in Asia” piece of software ”

    care to point out any “made in america/usa/whereever” piece of software that works the way you wanted it to (2-letter words search)?

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