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I’d rather toss it into the bush.

Very, very disgusting lid

Very, very disgusting lid

What is the point of these lids on trash cans, exactly? I suppose they are meant to manage odors, but to be honest I haven’t seen to many stinky lidless trash cans. I have seen lots and lots of the lidded ones with such a disgusting lid that I am very tempted to just drop whatever I need discarded into some bush or something*, but not touch the yucky lid. And really, if you’re concerned about the smell that much, just purge the thing regularly!

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Perhaps if the spring that closes the lid wasn’t so strong it would be fairly usable, but no, those things are usually as strong as the pit bull’s jaw, so there’s no way to push, say, a plastic cup through without touching the lid. And even when discarding a glass bottle, chances are you’ll get bitten!

*Being a good guy, I usually either carry it all the way home or until I find a lidless can.

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