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Sorting by type: extension vs application name.

Suppose I need to open a .zip file in my downloads folder. I don’t remember the exact file name, so it won’t be easy to locate it within the pile of shit my downloads folder is, but I do remember it was a .zip file, so I can at least narrow the search by sorting by type. But not so fast:

OK, where's my zip file?

OK, where's my zip file?

Apparently, Windows doesn’t consider a .zip file to be just a .zip file, but a compressed file, hence it goes under the letter C in by type sort. And .doc goes under “Microsoft Word Document”, thus under the letter M, while, say, .msi is a “Windows Installer Package” – under W. Kind of makes the whole “sort by type” thing rather useless as I very likely would have to go through the whole list guessing where on Earth is my .mp3 file… Ah, here it is, under “WinAmp media file”.

Now, I realize that by default the extensions are hidden, but since I specifically enable them, it would be nice if sort by type took that choice of mine into consideration. And it isn’t hard to do: just stick the extension in front of the description and whatever the registered name in parenthesis, like “mp3 (Winamp Media File)” or “doc (Microsoft Word Document)”.