‘Bad Ass’ Advertisement

Bad Ass Advertisement

Bad Ass Advertisement

I took this picture at Lahaina, Hawaii. This is one of many gift stores with huge variety of made-in-china kinda crap like ‘Aloha’ fridge door magnets, cheap shell necklaces, post cards and macadamia nuts.
The idea to put used (yes, they are quite used!) “Bad Ass” shorts on display is funny but from marketing perspective it seems that it isn’t. I was hanging out nearby for an hour or so watching how this works on shoppers. Most of the vacationers definitely noticed the shorts (a few of them even took pictures) and then proceeded to do their shopping elsewhere.

Conclusion: Good idea for an alternative art gallery or a night club.

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2 Responses

  1. Now THATs bad ass !!! lol.

  2. Yeh. That’s the consequence of “30 days money back guarantee” policy 😀

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