Your book is out there.

Bringing the buyers’ experience to the 21st century, Borders bookstores have several computer terminals scattered around the floor. It would seem the only thing accessible through those terminals is an intranet server that allows you to search for books. Great idea, isn’t it? Now I can just type in the title I want and it should tell me on which shelf that book is located!

Well, not quite:

Your book is somewhere in the store... maybe.

Your book is somewhere in the store... maybe.

Likely in the store, how helpful! Especially considering that even the non-profit local library tells you exactly where the book is. I suppose the rationale behind not showing exactly where the book is located is to make me wander around looking for it, thus possibly picking up something that I didn’t initially want. But honestly, to me it’s just another reason to go to Amazon instead 😉

And really, why not at least say for sure, whether the title is available in this store or not. I don’t think it is that hard.

Ah, here it is!

Ah, here it is!

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  1. Not design fail, more like eyeball fail. The actual location of the book within the store is in the “Location” line, one line above the one you circled. It’s in the Health & Diet section, subsection “Diet”, sub-subsection “Weight Loss & Other Diets” (these are shelf tags within the larger section).

    “Likely in store” means their inventory system shows a single copy in stock. They say “likely” in store rather than “definitely” in store, because that single copy may have been mis-shelved or stolen, or someone might be carrying it around with them while they browse elsewhere in the store.

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