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My 5 honor students all together are smarter than your dog!

Now I know who inspires “My dog is smarter than your honor student” bump sticker designers:

5x "honor students"


I think this is way overkill even if you are a father of 5 and all of them are “honor students”. Unless you have nothing else to be proud of in your life.

Design Fail factor: 1(out of 10)

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Wrong selection order means lost productivity.

Hanging on the non-optimal list order theme. Check out this protocol list from Ethereal:

I just want the source IP address!

I just want the source IP address!

The filtering system in Ethereal is absolutely marvelous: just type whatever you want in the filter line. Alas, in order to type what I need, I have to remember the quasi-objects names in which the filter syntax encapsulates various protocol properties. Since I don’t use it all too often, I have to open the GUI expression builder, and look how many choices I have there! It took me quite a while to locate the protocol I need (IP) and then go back and correct myself since I’ve initially selected IPP instead.

I am fairly certain IP is somewhat more important to most people than ACP133/ACAP/ACE-other-WTF, so why not put the most common ones on top. Otherwise, see: I’ve wasted about a minute on this thing. Suppose there are 50,000 IT professionals in the US who earn $50/hour on the average and waste a minute a day looking for the right protocol, which means $40,000 is lost every day, or $10 million per year. That’s how huge the impact is!