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UI design is supposed to improve with time.

No “design fail” type blog would be complete without some good old Vista bashing. So here’s some:

Two clicks instead of one.

Two clicks instead of one.

If you try to copy several files over some existing files, all previous Windows versions would ask you whether you want to overwrite file1 and would provide you with choices: “yes”, “yes to all”, “no”, “cancel”, so if I want to overwrite all files (which is the most common situation), I’d just click “yes to all” and be done with it. In Vista I have to first go to the very bottom of the huge dialog and check “do this for the next N conflicts” and then click “Copy and Replace”.

Clearly, this “do this for the next N conflicts” thing provides an extra useful feature – that is, rename files instead of overwriting. Cramming the same thing into the previous style dialogs would be unrealistic: the dialogs would have to have 6 buttons: “yes”, “yes to all”, “rename this”, “rename all”, “no”, “cancel”. Too much, I agree, but then again, how often do I have to rename the files, especially in the stupid default manner, like “file1(2)”? If I want to keep the files I’d rather move them to another folder, so the copy dialog could have had this new feature accessible through extra clicks, keeping the most common functionality in 1 click. For example, they could just have a “show advanced options” button and add their renaming schtick there. Moreover, that would give an opportunity to provide fancier renaming options, not just append a (2) to the file name, but something brutally powerful, based on regular-expressions.

Or I guess that’s too much to ask 😐