Political bump sticker: Double meaning?

Be careful when using more than one sticker on your car’s bumper: the combined overall message may be different from what each sticker suppose to send:

Brown Obama

Brown Obama

I took this picture on the road. Most of us who are traveling 65m/h cannot read micro text from the distance of 20-30 yards, only big fonts can be seen. And what I see in this case is: “Brown Obama”. Well.., yeh, he is. What’s the point? Gotta problem with that?

In one of my previous posts (“Elect Monster Shirakawa!”) I already mention that mixing ad messages may cause double meaning.

Disclaimer: this post is not about politics and neither this blog.

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Another cisco homepage fail.

A problem with Cisco’s homepage has recently been reported. It would seem the starts aren’t quite right for good Cisco homepages:

What's with the faux frames?

What's with the faux frames?

Check out those strange vertical lines that look very similar to scroll bars, which makes the page quite confusing to navigate. Not sure what they are supposed to mean – some sort of a frame? I wonder why there wasn’t a more subtle line style available.

I initially thought they were the result of my monitor’s humongousness and that on reasonably-sized monitors those bars would be invisible. Not really: even when resized to about 1024×768 the bars are still visible.

We’ll continue to explore miscellaneous Ciscos’ fails in our next posts. 😉