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Microsoft: no Walls, just Windows

This Microsoft’s billboard stands in San Francisco downtown, right at the entrance of Bay Bridge (Hwy 80 East):

Life without Walls

Life without Walls

Actually I personally have issues with living “without walls”: I do not want my naked ass to be exposed to the entire neighborhood when I am in the shower. I like my privacy, I need my walls.

IMO, Apple definitely should respond with something like this:

The rest of the story is here

7 Responses

  1. I’m running my business fine with and without walls. I enjoy the reliability, security, and performance that comes from using only Apple hardware. When my clients need me to use Windows, usually for that nasty Internet Explorer option, I open Windows XP under Parallels, use it just as long as necessary and then return to OS X for maximum productivity. My clients know I am doing this and do not mind it in the least. In fact they treasure the fact that I am skilled enough to work this way. They often sit waiting for Dell laptops to get started long after I am already productively working in Windows on my MAC!

  2. TH Williams, 100% agree. XP under Mac + OS X = maximum productivity. I usually use XP for hard core coding and OS X for CG design, CSS and all this Web 2.0 kinda stuff.

  3. “[Apple Logo] Life without Windows” seems to make an association between fruit products and some sort of underground cell or bomb-shelter i.e. a closed, restricted, controlled environment with no freedom.

    I think that may be exactly what Microsoft’s marketing slogan is trying to say about its competitor.

  4. DXI, if this is the case, Ubuntu should have slogan: “Life without both: walls and windows” 😀

  5. I don’t care for that Microsoft billboard personally, though I do like their new ad campaign (yes, even the Seinfeld/Gates ads).

    But your Apple response isn’t funny at all. It’s scary and is everything that the Microsoft campaign is not.

    Not that I have anything against Apple, but really, they’ve been rehashing the same advertisements and products for years now with new and exciting developments here and there, they’re a lot like Microsoft actually.

  6. Charles, thanks for your comment. I have nothing against Seinfeld/Gates ad campaign. However I think the MS’s “I am PC” idea looks like desperate response to Apple’s “I’m Mac”.
    To chase someone.. hmm.. we see how Yahoo tries to chase Google in web ads industry.
    The post was also about double meaning in MS’s ad statement “Life without walls” 🙂

  7. How long will it take all you self proffessed geniuses to realize that stupidity of this slogan? C’mon, someone got paid a lot of money to come up with it, and for one tenth of it, I would have been happy to shoot it down and explain it to Billy G.

    A world without walls, doesn’t need Windows! Wake up. No one can be that stupid as to put up such a slogan, without thinking it through.

    One more time.

    If you have no walls, you need no Windows!

    Microsoft at its very best. Being so darn stupid, no one even notices…… How very sad for all of us.


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