Light rail stop design fail.

What should be protected from rain?

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I want to believe!

A new toy would help bringing up more Mulders.

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Starving since 1973

Starving since 1973

Starving since 1973

Starving Students“. The branding idea for the moving company is great, just as “Two men and a truck” is.

The history of “Starving Students” starts back in 1973 when a few students decided to offer moving services to pay off their tuition in college.

Starving students… These days college students are starving on purpose to look cool. If they need money for college, some of them would record and sell home brew adult videos rather than moving someone’s household crap. Click here for the full story at

Bull balls photo from the road

Road picture

Road picture

Bull balls photo from the road 🙂

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Geico Real Savings

Geico (big auto insurance company in the US) is an endless source of my “design fail” inspiration. Looks like they have some internal branding issues and desperately choose between “cave man” and “wet talking lizard with attitude” (ok, ok, “Geko”) approaches. Both fail, IMO.

I took this picture on the road last week and made some quick Photoshop on it:

Real savings

Real savings

Shadow: an imitation of something” (Dictionary and Thesaurus – Merriam-Webster)

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