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This is a leaked design for the newest jet fighter for one of the nuclear nations. Looks cool, isn’t it? Solid blue wings, comfy cockpit (love this word!) and brutally looking radical black engine exhaust. It would appear, however, that there are a few problems with the otherwise promising design:

– first of all, where’s the pilot’s seat? Or is it an RC aircraft? Then whey the translucent cockpit, if nobody is going to peek outside with his calm gray eyes?

– secondly, the shape hints at a military plane, but where are the weapons? There are no obvious hardpoints for missiles and shit. Hopefully this doesn’t mean they have developed something more advanced than missiles, otherwise we’re screwed! (Or maybe it is our plane, then we’re cool)

– no air intakes. Again, I pray this super-advanced propulsion technique is ours, otherwise – see the previous point.

– most importantly – if surfaces are attached to each other at such angles, turbulence would be a bitch. Which means – oh sweet lord – that this is a space plane, intended for operating in vacuum, possibly with brief missions into the upper atmosphere (dive bombing, anyone?) – hence the wings.

At these uncertain times, especially in the light of the KC-45 controversy, we should petition our government to immediately commission our own space plane – or if this one is ours, we should demand a voluntary $0.02 sales tax to ensure this wonderful technology sees the light of the ancient stars soon.


3D Model of Nurse

3D Model of 'Nurse'

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3D Model of Alien

3D Model of 'Alien'

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‘Hot Woman’

Hot Woman

'Hot Woman' by Turbosquid

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3D Model of a ‘woman’

3D Model of a Woman by The3DStudio.com

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