Yahoo announces 10% jobs cut (business model about to fail?)

Some of Yahoo folks who are most likely among these “10%” asked me to draw something very simple and quick about the lay off. Well, I wrote similar thing about Yahoo before, so, here is one more:

Yahoo jobs cut

Yahoo jobs cut

Sorry folks. Everything will be OK. Good luck!

To the remaining 90% of Yahoo guys: this is just a parody, please do not take it personally. I wish you have $33 a share some day.

DesignFail Blog Update:

The story is now located at

‘Bad Ass’ Advertisement

Bad Ass Advertisement

Bad Ass Advertisement

I took this picture at Lahaina, Hawaii. This is one of many gift stores with huge variety of made-in-china kinda crap like ‘Aloha’ fridge door magnets, cheap shell necklaces, post cards and macadamia nuts.
The idea to put used (yes, they are quite used!) “Bad Ass” shorts on display is funny but from marketing perspective it seems that it isn’t. I was hanging out nearby for an hour or so watching how this works on shoppers. Most of the vacationers definitely noticed the shorts (a few of them even took pictures) and then proceeded to do their shopping elsewhere.

Conclusion: Good idea for an alternative art gallery or a night club.

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Insta-belly hand dryer.

Yay, I gotta beer belly!

Yay, I gotta beer belly!

This is an experimental hand dryer I found at a local Target store. Why experimental? Because all other locations I’ve been to have the same model but with a gray plastic surface, not a curved-mirror one.

The mirror is probably intended to give patrons a beefcake look instantly, but it really depends on your position and viewing angle – you can just get a beer belly instead. Or probably the original intent was to put some self-esteem-increasing curved mirrors in another place (like, ahem, on the waist level), but that was deemed too bold.

However, if you find the right position you do look somewhat like the Governator, so it isn’t a complete failure.

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No, no, no, you got the target generation wrong!

I was looking for a multiple-headset phone for my new apartment – so, naturally, I went to Fry’s, and while browsing for their selection of the said phones, I came across this wonderful device:

instant messaging via landline!

Behold: instant messaging via landline!

This is the Vtech IS6110 phone, which looks like a smart (cell) phone, but it isn’t. It is a landline phone with – get this – instant messaging capability. Apparently you can connect it to a PC with a USB cable and engage in instant messaging via AOL or MSN.

Instant messaging is available on, like, 99% of modern cell phones and more and more people even disconnect the landline completely. It is worth noting that the group of people who use instant messaging and the group of 100% cell phone people belong to the very same larger group, mostly: the younger people. So this is a catch-22 kind of deal: the more likely someone is to use instant messaging, the less likely that person is to use a landline phone. Besides, if I have to connect it to a computer, why not just use the computer. My laptop is just a little bit bigger than this phone, but much more convenient for… for pretty much everything!

I suppose this is a nice phone and all, but it is some 15 years too late.

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(image from the engadget article)

Marketing idea for Adobe Photoshop: to charge money for Color Picker refills

Marketing idea for Adobe

Color Picker in Photoshop

Marketing idea for Adobe Photoshop: to charge money for Color Picker refills like Canon does with photo printer ink cartridges.

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RPG-7 manual states that “no person or ammunition should be closer than 98ft (30m) behind the launcher” – to avoid injuring the former or igniting the latter with the rocket engine gases or with the leftovers of the booster charge. Moreover “there should be no obstacles closer than 6.5ft (2m) behind the launcher” – this is to avoid burning the shooter. So what do we see in this picture? 3 severely burned freedom fighters! (the one on the right may survive though)

But on the other hand, members of the opposing force would surely appreciate the poor level of gun safety training among the guys pictured.

Found on via – 3d search network