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Important: We are moving to DesignFail.org

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Your driving Sucks, Smart A**!

Your driving sucks, man..

"How's My Driving?"

I took this picture last Friday at hwy 680 south. The “How’s my driving” sounds sadly ironical after this “Smart A**” trashed his truck and completely totaled another vehicle.

(However there is no design fail and ther is no fun,. I am assigning it to “FYI” category).

Yahoo: Before and After Microsoft’s Bid

Before and After the Bid

Yahoo: Before and After the Bid (click to enlarge)

Yahoo! -> Yahoo!!! -> Yahoo. -> Yahoo? -> Yahoo..ops!

But lets wait until Oct, 21 to hear Jerry’s side of the story about $11.75 vs $31 per share.

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Bad and Good Design example in 2 pictures

Bad and Good Design examples just in two pictures.

Design and usability Sucks:

Usability sucks

Usability sucks

Design and usability OK:

Usability OK

Usability OK

CG Content Watch: Just Started

Been related to 3D and CG content development for more than about 10 years, I decided to start this blog. Why do I need to start another CG-related blog if I could go to, say, CGTalk and speak out? Or if some 3D model available to purchase at TurboSquid could be easily rated and commented right on site? We’ll see.. Maybe some CG content related ideas could be ‘spoken out’ only in a bloggish manner. We’ll see. And I am not going to introduce my blog as ‘The only CG Content-related resource ever’ 🙂 Anybody are welcome!