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Microsoft: no Walls, just Windows

This Microsoft’s billboard stands in San Francisco downtown, right at the entrance of Bay Bridge (Hwy 80 East):

Life without Walls

Life without Walls

Actually I personally have issues with living “without walls”: I do not want my naked ass to be exposed to the entire neighborhood when I am in the shower. I like my privacy, I need my walls.

IMO, Apple definitely should respond with something like this:

The rest of the story is here

Your driving Sucks, Smart A**!

Your driving sucks, man..

"How's My Driving?"

I took this picture last Friday at hwy 680 south. The “How’s my driving” sounds sadly ironical after this “Smart A**” trashed his truck and completely totaled another vehicle.

(However there is no design fail and ther is no fun,. I am assigning it to “FYI” category).

One missing word has cost me 2 hours of quality time!

Um, I hoped it defaults to _today_

Um, I hoped it defaults to _today_

Check out the United Airline’s flight status check website for mobile devices (screen shot is taken with Opera because it’s easier – but the thing is intended for PDA/Smartphone use). As many people, I rarely remember the today’s date, I just know (most of the time 😉 ) what day of the week it is.

When I want to check if my flight is delayed, I naturally assume the website would be kind enough to default the date to today and if it doesn’t, I just can’t spot the error. So instead of spending 2 more hours at the bar with my friend, I rush to the airport only to find that my flight is delayed for 2 hours. I didn’t know that because I was looking at the yesterday’s flight which wasn’t delayed. And boy would I’ve been pissed if it was other way around!

At the very least – if defaulting to today is too damn complex – is it so hard to add the day of the week to the day to the date selection. This wonderful idea is apparently known to the regular website developers.

$87 for what, exactly?

A mysterious sign at Deception Pass State Park

A mysterious sign at Deception Pass State Park

I wonder what exactly they want the $87 for? Does it mean dogwalking is prohibited in the park, $87 being the fine? Then why no red stripe across the sign?
Or do they charge $87 to allow a dog to sit on the park’s soil? Or maybe they offer to buy every dog that obediently sits down when ordered? The price is kind of low, but the place is run by the government (State of WA), which means it probably hasn’t been inflation-adjusted since the 50s.

Chevron’s Advertisement: Bad Taste!

Chevron's ad

Chevron advertisement

Hello? Who’s talking? Are those (Chevron) who were selling me gasoline at $4.25/gallon just recently (San Francisco, California)? Sure we will be using less gas! Like in the old anecdote where the kid came to his alcoholic father and asks him: “Dad, I’ve heard they rise prices for liquor. Does it mean you will be drinking less?” Dad says: “No son. That means that you will be eating less“. But back to the subject.

IMO, to write something over someone’s face looks good only in case of law enforcement creativity like “FBI Wanted Fugitive. Captured”. But when it comes to civilian design this approach sucks because:

  • Human face is not an even surface like whiteboard; To write something over a non-even surface in thin light font results hard to read;
  • It looks like graffiti;
  • You kinda disrespect the person by placing advertisement over his face.

Actually I was unable to read Chevron’s message until I photographed the banner when I was driving by. Guys, for the money you sucked out from our pockets you could come up with something better than you are exposing now.

Design Fail Factor: 9 (out of 10)

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Yahoo: Before and After Microsoft’s Bid

Before and After the Bid

Yahoo: Before and After the Bid (click to enlarge)

Yahoo! -> Yahoo!!! -> Yahoo. -> Yahoo? -> Yahoo..ops!

But lets wait until Oct, 21 to hear Jerry’s side of the story about $11.75 vs $31 per share.

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What kind of brake?

Seattle is known for its ferries. Maybe a hundred cars can fit in the bowels of those huge boats. The trip time is measured in tens of minutes, perhaps even hours, so you may want to leave your car and enjoy some great views from the deck or have a beer and a sandwich at the cafe. The only thing the ferry people ask is that you set your parking brake – obviously, they really don’t want to handle a runaway car. And they even came up with a sign to help the damned foreigners to understand what’s wanted from them:

Do I have to sit in the car all the time?

Do I have to sit in the car all the time?

Problem is, it looks like the sign depicts the wrong kind of brake. Certainly you don’t expect me to sit all the way pressing the brake with my foot? 😉

Now, I do realize that some (American) cars do have the foot-operated parking brake, but I believe most cars have a lever between the front seats for that. So if you want to convey a message to people who don’t drive older American cars, you probably should use an image more understandable to them.