3D Model of Nurse

3D Model of 'Nurse'

She is yours for $1; Availability: in stock; Content provider:

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3D Model of Alien

3D Model of 'Alien'

For sale for $2.3 at Turbosquid..

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S**t, just s**t..

Needless to describe this 3D model..

For sale for $29.89 at

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‘Hot Woman’

Hot Woman

'Hot Woman' by Turbosquid

For me it looks like she is about to have heart attack.

Content link:

3D Model of a ‘woman’

3D Model of a Woman by

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‘Sh*t’: Google 3D Warehouse joins the club

The model description says it all:

However it is free and available in SketchUp format.

Content link:
Price: Free
Available at Google 3D Warehouse

TSquid: $20 Scary Toy

Great design idea for Metallica’s “Master Of Puppets-2” album. The group should seriously consider to purchase this model for just $20.

Content link:

Available at Turbosquid

Hold It, The Air Sickness Bag costs $25

air sickness bag for $25

air sickness bag for $25

When I look at the model I feel that I need the real airsickness bag for myself.

Speaking about modeling technique: looks like some people from the previous Century did not know about ‘power of 2’ texturing technique and used ‘Boolean Subtract A-B’ operations to produce such stuff.

Available at Modelbank for $25

Spend $100 on ‘Eva’ or ‘Do-It-By-Yourself’ kit for $54.95

a $100 'Eva'

a $100 Eva

If I be working on CG project on some theme from Holy Bible, I might probably need a character of ‘Eva’.
I think the Modelbank’s ‘Eva’ for $100 will not be the option: too pricey, leaf is missing (at least I cannot see’em on the wireframe view), bottom part looks mossy.

I would probably go with ‘Do-It-By-Yourself’ approach ($54.95 in total):

Cheaper solution

Cheaper solution

At the end I will have ‘Eva’ for $54.95, a pair of shoes (a $100 value from Model bank) and a set of underwear (another hundred bucks item).

Content link (a $100 ‘Eva’):
Available at Modelbank

Content link (a $49.95 ‘Anna’ which could work as ‘Eva’):
Available at 3DExport

Content link (a $5.00 ‘Leaf’):
Available at Exchange3D

That would be $30 Paper Clip

That’s what happen when somebody ends plumbing contracting job and goes into computer graphics.

Content link:
Available for $30 at Turbosquid