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This pose means only one thing. And You know it.

Nike makes interesting statement to advertise Triax Speed 100 sports watch:

Check this!

Nike: Check this!

IMO, this ad image has great “Photoshop-ready” potential (with “middle finger up” for instance).

Adobe HQ: what’s cooking?

Hopefully this is just BBQ for Adobe top management on the roof, not someone’s torture (a bowl with boiling oil and someone inside who, say, missed deadline):

There were no fire trucks around, no sirens, etc.

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Adobe Photoshop Express in Firefox: Tripple Booooo just on one page!

Today I was playing around with Photoshop Express in Firefox (v.
At first look: nicely looking user interface written in Adobe Flex (oh, yeh, that’s for sure!). This “black glass” theme looks more appealing than the standard Flex theme (“dirty green”). Ok, let’s stress test its UI a bit; I will start with simply resizing browser window. Ta-da! It immediately shows 3 UI failures:

Booo 3 times

Just 1 page: Booo 3 times

UI bugs overview

1. Horizontal and Vertical sliders should never appear in the top navigation area. Period. Check out W3C’s CSS definitions for min-width/max-width to get a clue what are they used for.

2. Left extended menu looks like “Accordion” UI widget however it is non-clickable and non-collapsible. There is some stuff hidden off-screen below, which cannot be seen on a standard laptop screen with 1440×900 resolution. Vertical Slider for the menu will be useful in this case.

3. Browser Vertical slider never appears when the user resizes browser window which looks pretty lame:

UI implementation sucks

UI implementation sucks

Conclusion: Close, but no cigar, folks. Design Fail Factor: 5 (out of 10)

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Design Fail FIXED: Adobe HQ got rid of ugly gallows at their roof

In respond to my recent post about ugly look of Adobe HQ because of “gallows” on the roof, Adobe got rid of them after a few years of public exposure:

FIXED (August 2008)

FIXED (September 2008)

How it was before:

Gallows on the roof (August 2008)

Design Fail: Gallows on the roof (August 2008)

Good job, guys! And thank you for reading DesignFail.org

Design Fail factor: 0 (out of 10)

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Gallows at Adobe HQ roof: You’d better pay for your Photoshop license or else, dude

Just took this picture of Adobe HQ building in San Jose downtown:

Adobe hanging equipment

Adobe hanging equipment

I am curious: is this a gallows for hanging those folks who use pirate version of Adobe Photoshop?
If so, just two will not be enough. Or maybe it is used to deliver escort girls right to the upper management offices without walking them thru receptionists? Who knows. Or maybe Adobe sends us clear and final-final message: ‘You’d better pay for your Adobe Photoshop license or else, guys’.

It is strange that the big company who produces lighting effects (those stupid rotating screws) on the other side of the HQ building during the day not to spend a little extra money to mask somehow the building management’s crap.

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Marketing idea for Adobe Photoshop: to charge money for Color Picker refills

Marketing idea for Adobe

Color Picker in Photoshop

Marketing idea for Adobe Photoshop: to charge money for Color Picker refills like Canon does with photo printer ink cartridges.

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