WalMart: Always Less!

Always Less!

WalMart: Always Less!

Looks like chineese exporters to WalMart are on strike or they run out cheap labor.

P.S. Sorry folks for the bad picture quality; I failed to take good shot of this guy who was traveling 20 mph below speed limit like he got ten tickets for speeding and feels that’s enough for today.

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Cat with a side-schlong

cat creamer

I can see it vividly: “Let’s make a lucky cat creamer! Hmm, where do we put the nozzle? On the front side!… Good, but it looks like the cat’s penis. Then in the back!.. But then it’d look like a monkey-cat! Do we want a monkey-cat? Probably not, so… let’s just stick it at one of the sides, shall we? Looks kind of strange, but at least doesn’t remind of a dick or a monkey’s tail.”