Modelbank: ‘Top’ for $95

Modelbank needs to do something with their pricing policy. It drives me nuts!
I have no idea what makes this thing to cost $95:

Content link:
Available at Modelbank for damn 95 bucks!

TSquid: "Kiss Your A**" for $21

No kidding. That’s what it said in the item description. However it is not quiet clear: should customer pay $21 and then “kiss his a**” afterwards or should he “kiss his a**” instead of paying $21, or “kiss and get $21”, or else. Maybe Turbosquid content moderators will come up with some clarification once they are back from coma.

Check out this anal cavity made of bricks:

Content link:
Price: $21
Published at

Update: This item has been removed from Turbosquid catalog. Hey guys, good job! Seriously!

Turbosquid Update: Pile of 3D Junk is growing fast!

Here is ‘Banner stick’ for $50:

.. and ‘folder’ for $30:

Content link ($50):
Content link ($30):

Both are available at Turbosquid

Cops Car for $50

If highway cops are driving such sleds we never get tickets for speeding.

Well, Turbosquid another time proves it’s leadership in offering overpriced 3d junk.
The published $50 model has low-poly look and extremely dumb high-poly mesh (or mess?).

Content link:
Available at Turbosquid

Thanks: Special thanks to RenART for sharing the link

$75? Hello-2?

$75 for this? Hello? Am I missing something again?
Looks like such junk sales must be bubbling at The3DStudio store.

Content link:
Available at The3DStudio

$75? Hello?

$75 for this? Hello? Am I missing something?

Content link:
Available at The3DStudio

Tactical Spoon for $50

The solid thickness of this high-poly 3d spoon (it thickness is visible at the edge) tells me that this is more a weapon than the tableware. Knocking forehead for dirty hands at dinner time may cause severe cranial injury.

Content link:
Available at Turbosquid for $50

Sugar Cotton Cone for $75

This what happened if somebody just learn how to group together a cone and a damaged sphere in 3DStudio MAX.
Imho, for its $75 price this concept-art installation should come with bunch of flies around the model pink object.

Content link:
Available at The3DStudio

‘Monsters, LLC’

Need 3D model of a small cute Monster? If so, there are 2 options:

  • Spend $195 for the model at Modelbank
  • Step on your neighbor’s dog balls; take a picture and model the ‘Monster’ by yourself using the obtained reference material. The result should be the same as if you go with option A. Besides that you will have some fun and save yourself $195.

Content link:
Available at Modelbank.

Below is another monster which makes me almost sh*t my pants with its price: $95. The absense of model’s head adds more fear to the overall scary look. Check it out at Modelbank.

Content link:

Bunch of Boxes for $30 and for Free

Save your money ($30) for something else if you are shopping for a Shipping Box and get them for free:

Content link ($30):
Available at Modelbank

Content link (free):