Adobe Photoshop Express in Firefox: Tripple Booooo just on one page!

Today I was playing around with Photoshop Express in Firefox (v.
At first look: nicely looking user interface written in Adobe Flex (oh, yeh, that’s for sure!). This “black glass” theme looks more appealing than the standard Flex theme (“dirty green”). Ok, let’s stress test its UI a bit; I will start with simply resizing browser window. Ta-da! It immediately shows 3 UI failures:

Booo 3 times

Just 1 page: Booo 3 times

UI bugs overview

1. Horizontal and Vertical sliders should never appear in the top navigation area. Period. Check out W3C’s CSS definitions for min-width/max-width to get a clue what are they used for.

2. Left extended menu looks like “Accordion” UI widget however it is non-clickable and non-collapsible. There is some stuff hidden off-screen below, which cannot be seen on a standard laptop screen with 1440×900 resolution. Vertical Slider for the menu will be useful in this case.

3. Browser Vertical slider never appears when the user resizes browser window which looks pretty lame:

UI implementation sucks

UI implementation sucks

Conclusion: Close, but no cigar, folks. Design Fail Factor: 5 (out of 10)

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Afghanistan, Angola and Antarctica

Afghanistan, Angola and Antarctica

That’s super lame! How many subscribers from Afghanistan, Angola and Antarctica do you guys have?
Why not to spend some of your time and work a little bit on the website’s registration page usability?
Is it too hard to organize the ‘country’ pool down list based on number of registrations? Or is it too hard to detect the user’s IP, convert it into ‘country’ info and then preselect the country name in the list (HTML tag <option> in tag <select>)?
Tip: Go check out how Google’s Gmail does it:

Design Fail factor: 1(out of 10)

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