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Good job, guys! The Balls are now visible from any angle

San Jose city creativity got me again this week.

The biggest balls in San Jose

The biggest balls in San Jose

City workers are checking if the balls are visible from any angle.
These balls are planning to be exposed to the public for a couple of month during Da Vinci art show at San Jose Tech Museum.

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San Jose city art: ATM machine suffered in fire

San Jose city creativity got me again. The following piece of art found in the city downtown.

ATM wreck

ATM wreck

It stands right in front of Bank of America building and probably represents how their ATM machine will look like after been in fire for a while.

However this art wreck is not safe for pedestrians: they could be seriously injured passing by loaded at cool Friday night.

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Blow, Jack, blow

Two guys are holding the hose, one guy is blowing and another one convinces him to blow more.
Location: Sacramento downtown.


Took this picture on Friday night. Location: Sacramento, downtown.

Friday Night