Because all foreign movies are the same.

What\'s it about? Duh, it\'s a foreign movie!

What's it about? Duh, it's a foreign movie!

When deciding whether to watch a movie or not, many people check out the genre first. If I like action movies, I’m not going to waste my time even reading the reviews for a romantic comedy: do not want. So, what is the “Girl Cut In Two” film is about? Oh, well, it’s a, you know, a foreign movie – that all you need to know 😉

But it is good to know that some websites do realize the problem – for example, netflix used to lump all foreign movies under “foreign”, and all pre-1980 or thereabout under “classics”, but now they do have more meaningful categories, so “Soylent Green” and “How to Steal a Million” are not of the same genre anymore.

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