Trademark fail.

Suppose I want to find out which versions of .Net support IPv6. Type “.net ipv6” in google and…

Hmm, just what I was looking for!

Hmm, just what I was looking for!

Not very helpful result, is it? To an extent, it’s google’s fault as it seems insisting on dropping the . in .net, even if I search for “.net” (i.e. .net in quotes), but was it so hard to anticipate this problem when choosing the name for the new technology and, you know, choose something unique!

I work for a company whose name is a generic dictionary word, which looked rather nice in pre-Internet days, but these days it is certainly more preferable to have a name that isn’t a common word. And while the company I work for had its name chosen long before the Internet came around, .Net appeared in 2002!

Couldn’t they have just picked up some obscure island, too – like, I dunno, Sumatra? ASP.Sumatra – sounds kinda nice, doesn’t it?

Google News: Headlines Filtering Sucks

It is pretty lame for Google with its super-duper searching software not to filter out some technical HTML crap like browser requirements from their news feeds before publishing:

Headlines Filtering Sucks

Google News: Headlines Filtering Sucks

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Speculation: GPhone search

Most of us know that Google and Verizon are about to make a deal to run Google software on cellphones (GPhones).
So here is my speculation on how Verizon cell phone may work with Google’s Android software to retrieve contacts:)



Please note, this is just a Photoshop speculation, nothing to do with the real Android performance.
Disclaimer: Google, Android, Verizon logos and trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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‘Sh*t’: Google 3D Warehouse joins the club

The model description says it all:

However it is free and available in SketchUp format.

Content link:
Price: Free
Available at Google 3D Warehouse