Interface design fail: flashy, but useless

This is a control panel for the portable AC unit I got this summer. Note the colored bars on both sides of the fan: I guess originally they were meant to indicate the fan speed, green for slow, yellow for medium, red for fast. But alas, somewhere in the design chain somebody has decided that it would be a shame for the user not to see the colorful red and yellow bars if the fan speed is set to slow, so instead the bars just cycle through all colors, no matter what the fan speed is. There’s no way to gauge the fan speed: the only thing that changes is how fast the little indicator fan rotates, but it is way harder to read than the colored bars could be!

Or perhaps there is a “brand name” AC that uses this same indicator panel, with proper use of the color bars, and I got a semi-legal knock-off, the makers of which are too much into flashy things.