Bib, Bowl and a poor Toddler


Bib-n-Bowl: All-in-one

I like this nice combination: Bib with Bowl for toddlers. The idea direction is great, but I think the company stopped half way with their invention. So here is the initial design:


Bib-n-Bowl (draft)

But they definitely should be going further:

Bib and toddler's tableware

Bib and toddler's tableware set


Another Bib idea

Another Bib idea

Comparing to soft warm and light old fashion bibs, this combination is too much, I think.
Who likes to eat with big cold sheet of rubber hanging on your neck with feeding bowl attached on the other end?
If I be the feedee, I will give a finger to my feeder right at the feeding spot.

Update: I was so inspired with Bib-n-Bowl “combination” idea, so I came up with my own:


Shirt-n-Disposed Diapers Bag

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