Adult Toys R Us

I took this picture at that part of Sacramento, CA where it is better to drive through with closed windows, locked doors and without stopping. At this part of the city the word ‘adult’ means ‘adult’: adult magazines, adult video, etc.

Adult Toys R Us

Adult Toys R Us

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Blow, Jack, blow

Two guys are holding the hose, one guy is blowing and another one convinces him to blow more.
Location: Sacramento downtown.


Took this picture on Friday night. Location: Sacramento, downtown.

Friday Night

Too much respect to the back door

Jelly Belly back door

Jelly Belly store, Sacramento, CA

Abandoned entrance arc or some special respect to the store back door 🙂

Construction site choice: FAILED


Construction site choice: FAILED

Somebody really failed to choose the construction site for his house. It is so-o-o romantic to have backyard with interstate highway on above.

Especially when the surrounding area looks like this:

Surrounding area

Surrounding area (Sacramento, CA)