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Design Fail FIXED: Adobe HQ got rid of ugly gallows at their roof

In respond to my recent post about ugly look of Adobe HQ because of “gallows” on the roof, Adobe got rid of them after a few years of public exposure:

FIXED (August 2008)

FIXED (September 2008)

How it was before:

Gallows on the roof (August 2008)

Design Fail: Gallows on the roof (August 2008)

Good job, guys! And thank you for reading DesignFail.org

Design Fail factor: 0 (out of 10)

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Gallows at Adobe HQ roof: You’d better pay for your Photoshop license or else, dude

Just took this picture of Adobe HQ building in San Jose downtown:

Adobe hanging equipment

Adobe hanging equipment

I am curious: is this a gallows for hanging those folks who use pirate version of Adobe Photoshop?
If so, just two will not be enough. Or maybe it is used to deliver escort girls right to the upper management offices without walking them thru receptionists? Who knows. Or maybe Adobe sends us clear and final-final message: ‘You’d better pay for your Adobe Photoshop license or else, guys’.

It is strange that the big company who produces lighting effects (those stupid rotating screws) on the other side of the HQ building during the day not to spend a little extra money to mask somehow the building management’s crap.

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Healthy skeleton with juicy legs

In this post I will be annoying and boring more than usual. I never understand mexican restoraunt wall art anyway.
So. I think human skeleton should not have such healthy juicy legs like this guy:

Healthy Skeleton

1. Healthy Skeleton

Unless somebody cut off the exposed flesh with surgical accuracy from that poor guy who was posing with guitar.

Here is anatomical reference how human skeleton should look like been dressed:

Non-healthy one

2. Non-healthy one

1. Some small mexican place in San Jose downtown, next to Greyhound bus stop;
2. Spokane State Univ forum (photo of fake human remains dressed in t-shirt)

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